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If all buildings had websites…

Plain and simple, sustainable solutions stir the pot.  The majority of people are hesitant to change, but have begun to demand that their products, housing and day to day choices change first.  Consumers want to know where a product originates from and who is behind the design.  The act of purchasing, investing and living have become a symbolic reflection of who they are; so I believe that this demand for “transparency” is a positive outcome of current day green washing.

With LEED certification of buildings, a new market of transparency has infiltrated the architecture industry.

We can now calculate energy and waste production and even quantify the scale of human happiness that takes place within these structures.  These findings are exposed to all occupants, investors and the public eye. Some people might say this is exposure is too much, that boundaries are being ignored.

I say, it just makes sense.  Let me know that at 2:00 p.m. this room is using this much energy, let me know that the design of a new governmental building is going to save our community x amount of dollars.  We have a choice of which home, building, restaurant or facility we occupy our time in, so why not get all the facts first?

The Genzyme Building in Massachusetts, was essentially designed from the inside out.

It is 12 stories of natural ventilation, water reuse and 18 garden spaces.

The building expresses the company’s core values of innovation, transparency and collaboration.  And here is a beautiful, interactive website that exposes multiple aspects of the design.  Just think, if all buildings had websites, would our sustainable choices become easier?  Or more complicated?


Podponics: a Georgian, technical invention

Adaptive reuse of shipping containers is not a new concept.  However, outfitting these containers with hydroponic lights and a soil-less growing system, that is all backed with a triple bottom line, “local everywhere” approach is something new.   Take a look at The Atlantic’s newest article, video and interview.  This would be a great educational installation for the site…a sweet phone call for a charity donation never hurts, right??? And plus, we already have access to about 2o shipping containers, compliments of Ramsey!!!  Here is their website!  Very inventive, sustainable and down right awesome!