M.A. Final Project upDates

November 7th: Here we go, it’s crunch time and presentations are coming together!

November 4th: Onsite meeting with Kelly Lockamy and Tree Malpass to review final programming needs for plant growth within greenhouse.

November 3rd: Chopping blocks underway with Wooden Sheep.  We began to glue 4″ flooring panels of reclaimed Jotoba wood together.  The students were happy to not be denailing again!

November 2nd: Met with Keith Howington of Greenline Architecture, whom also sits on the board of Emergent Structures, to review cost estimates, material use and structural integrity of greenhouse structure.  YeeHaw! Oh and thanks Ramsey for the cost figures, your knowledge is a big help!

November 1st: *off the record* I officially have 20 days left of being in my twenties. YAY!

October 29th: miss e. dora’s birthday and a hike to the coast was a great celebration.  nature is so inspiring, the natural texture of trees, grass and leaves makes me want to design fabric.  can i start over at this point?

October 28th: Wonderful meeting with Architecture student Jared Vanlandingham, to review design details.  Great design advice, I haven’t been in that world for so long, it was a good refresher as to the deeper meaning of my design choices! Thanks Jared!

October 27th: A little break is needed. Went to the Grad collaBARation to take a breather with other Grad students.   Well deserved!

October 26th: My lovely Mother’s birthday and a design review in class on greenhouse details.  Success! I’m getting great feedback, I just need to work out the rain collection, roof details and planting specs. Will post images soon!

October 24th: Let the greenhouse design begin!  All research and interviews will be compiled into an off the grid greenhouse!  This will be project #4 for the kids to participate in.

October 21st: headed to Southern Pine to help Kate Rusek with prepping for her install at FOOD DAY! gonna be yummy!

October 20th:  Coastal Center kids were onsite again today.  We tackled the jotoba aka Brazilian cherry wood and prepped a couple of pieces for Eric at Wooden Sheep.  Finishing nails and staples are not the easiest boogers to pull out of manufactured wood flooring.

October 19th: Let’s add a little bit of GRANT WRITING to my final project why don’t ya!

October 18th:  Met with Andy Schwartz, a local energetic farmer with horticulture experience.  He’s helping with the greenhouse design, plantlife needs and offering plain ole good advice!

October 11th: Meeting with Cindy Burns at the Coastal Center for Developmental Services center!  Employment for about 300 persons of the disabled population: screen printing, catering, graphic printing, embroidery, line work for Gulfstream, Fed Ex, etc; AND gardening!! IMPRESSIVE!

October 10th: MIDTERMS AT 5:00!! See ya’ll there!

October 6th: I worked with four students and two teachers from Coastal Center for Developmental Services today.  They make it to the site every Thursday from 10:00am until 12:00pm.  It is never a dull moment. We set up in Wooden Sheep’s wood shop and de-nailed salvaged wood and also transported wood scraps to the recycling dumpster in the green-space behind Southern Pine.  I never realized that I knew that many lyrics to Popeye the Sailor Man!


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