Podponics: a Georgian, technical invention

Adaptive reuse of shipping containers is not a new concept.  However, outfitting these containers with hydroponic lights and a soil-less growing system, that is all backed with a triple bottom line, “local everywhere” approach is something new.   Take a look at The Atlantic’s newest article, video and interview.  This would be a great educational installation for the site…a sweet phone call for a charity donation never hurts, right??? And plus, we already have access to about 2o shipping containers, compliments of Ramsey!!!  Here is their website!  Very inventive, sustainable and down right awesome!


2 responses to “Podponics: a Georgian, technical invention

  1. I feel like I’m stating the obvious here, but growing plants in soil is sustainable. Growing plants in a “soil-less growing system” with hydroponic lights is not sustainable.

    • I’m glad you commented…i like that their system enables the recycling of water that is rich with naturally occurring nutrients, and by growing this way, they close the loop and eliminate fertilizer runoff…which is a serious issue with our current agriculture system. Also, they can stack and go vertical utilizing empty parking lots and then let us enjoy the green space! my biggest concern is energy use…but a little bit of photovoltaics go a long way!

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