Window Sash, Polyethylene and Brick…Oh My!

Hello all. So here are a couple of images of the next big project for the apprenticeship!!! These are the conceptual drawings thus far.  They will be edited, refined and rendered oh in the next 7 days!!!  The final designs will be submitted to multiple funding opportunities to help support this dream become a reality!

This “educational” greenhouse incorporates modern technology with old and new gardening techniques.  The Savannah High Greenhouse Project will be using this facility for annual production of produce and plants.  Multiple educational projects will take place on site ranging from basic horticultural skills, reclamation of construction materials, compost production from all waste and carpentry projects.  Students will be able to participate in every phase of the construction: design, material preparation, on-site build and garden preparation.  And this isn’t just for the kids…entities such as Savannah Urban Gardens,  Well Fed Savannah, Savannah Technical College, Harambee House, Wooden Sheep, Southern Pine and Dilated Spectrum will all have a chance to get their hands dirty in this project!

Off the grid greenhouse to include…

  • Vertical growth of cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Horizontal lettuce growth with vermicompost system: Yay worms!
  • Rain collection with irrigation system powered by solar energy
  • Passive cooling and heating techniques incorporating a double envelope cavity
  • Permeable brick paver foundation
  • Reclaimed window sash, studs, timber and brick
  • Solexx Polyethylene 5mm rolled roofing panels
  • Solar powered vent openers
Feedback is encouraged!!!! What is missing, what else should be incorporated?  Sorry, no private hot tub will be included with this project.


2 responses to “Window Sash, Polyethylene and Brick…Oh My!

  1. Meagan, that is wonderful….. just a couple of suggestions:
    the roof should be whiteish and there should be a strip of thin film solar on the south facing part of the roof…. you will probably need some scaffolding / wooden structure under the PE panels on the roof.
    Looks very cool how big is it? How many square feet and did you use a grid for the standards sizes of window and doors so that it is scaleable?
    Succes for the last 1.5 weeks !!!!

    • Thanks! Roofline edits are underway: rafting systems to be placed showing correct sheet good widths and addition of solar film will be next! It’s 450sf (15’x30′) and the studs are not shown at a standard placement. I think once an inventory is calculated of available windows from jobsites, then adjustments could be made. That’s the biggest challenge of reclamation design I am finding: consistency! Thanks!!!

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