Design for social awareness with Russian prison jargon

Yep, I said it.

Russian Prison Jargon.

I firmly believe that to design is to constantly educate.  Education should come full circle through beginning draft stages, ideation, implementation and end of life.  Every hand or mind it touches along the way should learn something.  That is good design.

And apparently so are i-pad bags constructed by Russian prisoners.  And also controversial. Is a program like this giving criminals too many options?  Are they aware of their guilt with every seam they sew on the messenger bags?

Silly questions really, but it’s also silly that a positive program that reinstates labor skill and sense of well being took so long to be implemented?

Organic cotton, recycled PVC billboards, water based inks….okay I’ll stop rambling because I need to go look at the bags that are almost as tough & hard as people who make them”.


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